As I cannot find a better title for this very first release of the SDR# Scytale-C Decoder plugin. The source code will follow in its own repo after I’ll attach all the licensing terms and perform a mandatory cleanup.

A few words about this release:

  • I ran it with SDR# version v1.0.0.1671.
  • If it crashes your SDR# I apologize in advance.
  • The auto-tracking (default on) will alter your SDR# frequency and follow the signal’s CF. When the SNR is very low, please disable it and manually tune the SDR# to try to get the CF as close to 2000 as possible.The demodulator still has plenty ideas of its own.
  • Use USB mode with 4000 Hz bandwidth.
  • For now the interface is missing the usual scatter plots.
  • UDP Address and UDP Port are for sending the decoded frames to the Scytale-C UI.
  • Offset and CF are the difference from zero error and the CF frequency of the demodulated BPSK signal.
  • Tx and SYM are the transmitted over UDP frames and SYM is showing the number of demodulated symbols.
  • A bunch of libraries are attached as extra files. Please be gentle and accept the package as it. Will clean-up in the future.
  • Use in conjunction with the Scytale-C UI from the archive: “” (link below)
  • The magic line is included in the archive: “”

Some things are missing, some are not really needed and the software is currently not properly tested and unstable. Please report any crashes to They will be well received (at least on my end!).



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